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Legal Tracker LDO Index

Thomson Reuters: “In this third edition of the Thomson Reuters Legal Tracker™ Legal Department Operations (LDO) Index, we highlight qualitative and quantitative insights into corporate legal department operations. The LDO Index includes responses to a survey conducted among Legal Tracker customers in May 2018. The survey received responses from 217 legal departments, including 76 corporations in the Fortune 1000. Legal departments responded across 34 industries. Top industries of legal departments responding include 11% Healthcare, 10% Financial Services, 8% Consumer Products Manufacturers, and 7% Computer Software. Legal Tracker data is comprised of over $83B in legal spending from over 1,200 legal departments and 62,000 law firms. For purposes of data reporting, we have found the greatest correlation between legal departments with similar annual outside counsel legal spend. Unless otherwise noted in the report, we have segmented legal department size in the following categories…”

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