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Law Society Lawtech and Ethics Principles July 2021

UK Law Society – Law Society Lawtech and Ethics Principles, July 2021 – “The world has evolved – it is changing still. By some estimates there have been 5.3 years of digital transformation in the last year. Thankfully, our jurisdiction is one of flexibility where the regulatory environment has enabled the legal services community to adapt to challenges, serve the public and provide trust in the wider economy. However, digital transformation can only be successful when the capabilities of people are built and the functionality, limits and benefits of tools are understood. Over the last year, we have interviewed the country’s largest law firms to understand how they have transformed, assessed solutions and navigated ethical considerations. We cannot thank the contributors enough for so willingly sharing insights and expertise with us. This paper’s main aim is to empower our profession to understand the main considerations they should make when designing, developing or deploying Lawtech, and aims to encourage greater dialogue between the profession and Lawtech providers in the development of future products and services. Although applicable to the whole profession, we hope that the framework, guidance and model procurement process in the paper will be of particular value to those firms and sole practitioners who do not have much experience of procuring Lawtech, and want support on how to get started. The paper helps solicitors to unlock the benefits brought by digital transformation by providing a starting point to assess the compatibility of Lawtech products and services against professional duties. Likewise, it also aims to help Lawtech providers understand the regulatory parameters of solicitors’ practice, embed trust and build market ready solutions…”

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