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Law enforcement can identify your vehicle by make, model, year, color, features via new software

News release: “Leonardo’s ELSAG ALPR solutions are used by nearly 4,000 customers in over 25 countries by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.Leonardo will introduce two new Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solutions at the 2018 IACP Technology Con ference on May 21-23 in Providence, Rhode Island. The ELSAG MTC and ECSS will be on display during the conference…After years of research and development, Leonardo is proud to introduce Make, Type and Color Recognition feature called ELSAG MTC to their ELSAG Enterprise Operation Center (EOC). Using advanced computer vision software, ELSAG ALPR data can now be processed to include the vehicle’s make, type – sedan, SUV, hatchback, pickup, minivan, van, box truck – and general colour – red, blue, green, white and yellow. The solution actively recognizes the 34 most common vehicle brands on U.S. roads.” [emphasis added]

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