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LA Times – A side-by-side comparison of Obamacare and GOP’s replacement plan

People with preexisting conditions could see substantial changes in what kind of coverage they could receive.

Under the Affordable Care Act

    • Americans are able to get health insurance even if they’re sick. This put an end to insurers denying coverage to people who have preexisting medical conditions
    • Insurers are barred from charging sick consumers more for coverage
    • Insurers cannot impose annual or lifetime limits on coverage
    • Insurers must offer a basic set of benefits, including mental health, prescription drugs and maternity care
    • Insurers cannot charge older consumers more than three times more than younger consumers

Under the GOP proposal The House GOP plan would not explicitly eliminate guaranteed coverage but would allow states to seek waivers from several consumer protections

  • States would be allowed to scale back benefits that insurers must cover. Because of the way the law is structured, that could allow insurers to reimpose annual and lifetime limits on some coverage.
  • States would also be able to allow insurers to charge sick people more, potentially making coverage unaffordable for some
  • Insurers would be able to charge older consumers five times more than younger consumers…”

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