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Knowledge Management Priorities in Large Law Firms – 2018 Survey

This posting [snipped] is authored by Ron Friedmann, Prism Legal: “I report here on the 2018 Knowledge Management (KM) Summit survey results. The Summit is a meeting of senior knowledge management professionals from large US, UK, Canadian, and Australian law firms. Mary Abraham, Oz Benamram, and I organize the meeting. To prepare for it, we survey invitees to learn about current KM priorities. We share detailed survey results with respondents and I publicly share here a subset of results. (You can view the 2017 knowledge management survey results here. An Appendix at the end has demographic information and qualifiers about the survey.) We ask three primary questions; the quoted text in parentheses corresponds to chart labels that appear later this this report.

  1. What are your top priorities for 2016? (“2016 Priority”)
  2. What did you focus on in 2015? (“2015 Focus”)
  3. What would you like to discuss with the group in 2016? (“2016 Discuss”)…”

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