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January 24, 2018 – govinfo is out of beta

Please read the entire news release here: “The primary activities from this last development cycle related to reaching this next phase of the transition from FDsys to govinfo. Other activities included implementation of several security measures for managing web content, completion of a software upgrade of a key interface component of the content management system, migration of help content from FDsys, and a focus on minor fixes and enhancements to site display, search functionality, and developer tools. Next Step in the Transition from FDsys to govinfo – We’re excited to share that govinfo is now out of beta! While the predecessor site, FDsys, will remain available during this phase, we are one step closer to its retirement (planned for late 2018).

At this time, users and stakeholders should now begin updating links and processes to reference govinfo instead of FDsys. Learn more about the transition from FDsys to govinfo including a handy chart on finding certain FDsys resources where they’ve been migrated on govinfo.

Attention Data Users: Please explore the govinfo developer tools available for your use (sitemaps, link service, etc.) If you have questions regarding the transition or the use of govinfo developer tools for updating processes, please contact GPO or open an issue on GPO’s GitHub page. When will govinfo replace FDsys? FDsys will continue to operate for a time so site and data users can update links, bookmarks, and any processes to point to govinfo instead of FDsys.

Stages of the transition:

  • Stage 1: govinfo is in beta and FDsys remains available. (This is done.)
  • Stage 2: govinfo is out of the beta phase (This is where we are now.)
  • Stage 3: FDsys is retired and replaced by govinfo (By the end of 2018.)

Is everything that is available on FDsys available on govinfo? All content available on FDsys is available through govinfo. You can get to any PDF, XML, text or any other content file that is available on FDsys. Also, all Browse and Content Details pages available on FDsys have equivalent pages on govinfo. Looking for an FDsys resource on govinfoWill my links to FDsys break? While both FDsys and govinfo are operational, your links to FDsys will continue to resolve to FDsys. GPO recommends updating bookmarks and links to reference govinfo instead of FDsys. After FDsys is retired, links to FDsys will redirect from FDsys to govinfo into the foreseeable future. We want to ensure the same level of access you enjoy with FDsys and will do our best to support one-to-one redirects wherever possible. However, as a precaution, we recommend that you update your links to point to govinfo so that your current processes are maintained indefinitely. Improvements to govinfo URLs have made them restful, predictable, and more user-friendly…

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