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How your moods during the work day impact how and what you do

There is substantial and significant information in a recent article on Quartz about how our demeanor at work impacts us, others, the workplace and our work product. Contrary to popular belief…”research shows that forcing workers to appear more pleasant and more cheerful than they actually feel can lead to a whole host of negative consequences—from emotional exhaustion to withdrawal. And women in particular suffer from the expectation that they should constantly demonstrate happiness.” Does this concept resonate with you…does it remind you of what transpired in our recent national election..does it remind you of every time you have been called curt or abrupt when you were being factual, concise and focused on delivering value within the context of an assignment…The case for being grumpy at work discusses and provides a range of references on the realities of the emotional contours of our lives at work that illuminates how we engage in effective analysis, deliver creative work, and remain focused, even when we are not smiling.

  • Also via Quartz – The Happiness Experiment – “Humans are obsessed with happiness—how to find it, how to keep it, and how to define it. We examine happiness from the perspective of economics, history, and evolutionary psychology to understand how our notion of happiness has changed over time.”

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