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How Publishers Determine When to Release Hardcover Books in Paperback

Here at Book Riot, we are obviously into books. We love all books equally, but sometimes prefer a certain format when it comes to reading.  Some Rioters detest hardcover books. Others love mass market paperbacks. Of course, we know audiobooks are more than just a trend. Personally, I prefer reading ebooks because I can easily highlight passages, make notes for reviews, and I always have a book on my phone wherever I go. No matter our reading preferences, we can all agree there is only one appropriate response to the ebook versus physical book debate. Whichever of the different book formats you use to get your read on, bibliophiles know the usual publishing timeline. Hardcover books come first. Paperbacks get a set of steak knives. Everything else gets in where it fits in. Nonetheless, with all the various ways to consume books and with all of us book nerds ready and willing to give publishers our hard-earned money for books in all of their various formats, I couldn’t help but wonder: “Why do we have to wait months for publishers to release the paperback version of hardcover books?”…

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