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Gartner Releases “Hype Cycle for the Digital Workplace, 2017”

Digital business execution is requiring more frequent and complex decision making, continuous problem solving and rapid pattern recognition, all of which require workforce digital dexterity. In most organizations, however, responsibility for helping employees develop the desire and ability to exploit a wide range of transformative technologies — highlighted in the Gartner, Inc. Hype Cycle for Digital Workplace, 2017 — does not have to rest with any group or individual. “Humans will still be at the center of work, even as intelligent software and machines become our co-workers. CIOs must anticipate how trends in business, society, technology and information will converge to change where, when, why and with whom we work,” said Matt Cain, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “CIOs must expand their charter to include workforce digital dexterity.” The Hype Cycle can help application leaders identity and exploit new and existing technologies that will boost employee engagement and agility for better business outcomes…”

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