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GAO Report on Medicare Website Highlights Overall Lack of Usability

Press release, May 3, 2005: “Rep. Waxman, along with Reps. Dingell, Rangel, Stark, and Sherrod Brown, releases a GAO report that finds that the information provided by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services about the complicated new drug benefit is rife with problems. According to GAO, the federal handbooks, website, and 1-800 Medicare hotline failed to provide information that was “consistently clear, complete, accurate, and usable.”

  • Fact Sheet on GAO Report
  • Medicare: Communications to Beneficiaries on the Prescription Drug Benefit Could Be Improved, Full-text GAO-06-654, and Highlights, May 3, 2006: “The Part D benefit portion of the Medicare Web site can be difficult to use. GAO’s test of the site’s overall usability–the ease of finding needed information and performing various tasks–resulted in scores of 47 percent for seniors and 53 percent for younger adults, out of a possible 100 percent. While there is no widely accepted benchmark for usability, these scores indicate that using the site can be difficult.”
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