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Friends of the Library: Libraries’ Secret Weapon

BookRiot: “You might have seen bookmarks advertising their existence stacked neatly on the circulation desk at the library. Maybe they were included in the acknowledgements of a local literary event’s brochure. Perhaps their name was noted as a supporter of a float in the town’s parade. Or, it’s possible you even attended one of their book sales. They are the Friends of the Library. If you have a public library in your area, it’s very likely that the library exists, in part, thanks to the Friends of the Library. From the heart of a librarian with a bit of explanation, this is a love and thank you letter to the Friends, wherever they may be. Friends of the Library typically have one main function: raising money for the library. Sometimes this is as simple as encouraging individuals to sign up to be a Friend of the Library which typically involves an annual membership fee. The money collected from membership goes toward the operation of the group and, more significantly, the library. Those funds might be used to help support library programs like supplying materials or paying speakers’ fees, to provide refreshments at programs, or, in some cases, to boost the spending budget for books, DVDs, and other materials….” [Be a Friend Please]

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