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Fortune – How Online Privacy Protection Could Become a Campaign Issue in 2018

Follow up to previous posting – ALA and advocacy groups letter to FCC and Congress supporting Net Neutrality – via Fortune’s Aaron Pressman: “Now that Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump have successfully killed stringent new online privacy rules, public interest groups sense they may have a potent campaign issue to use in upcoming elections. Trump signed the anti-privacy legislation on Monday that had been approved on party-line votes in both houses of Congress last month with only Republican support. The bill cancels rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission last fall, which would have required Internet service providers to get permission from customers before sharing personal information they collect like web browsing histories and app usage. The rules hadn’t gone into effect yet. Almost immediately after news of Trump’s approval spread, privacy advocacy groups promised to make the fight political. Nonprofit Fight For the Future, which has helped organize campaigns in favor of net neutrality rules and other cyber rights battles, said it would put up billboards in some lawmakers’ districts blasting the politicians for their votes…”

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