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Food waste: the problem in the EU in numbers – Infographic

European Parliament – “Some 88 million tonnes of food are wasted in the EU every year, equivalent to 173 kilos per person. Not only is this a waste or resources, it also contributes to climate change. Parliament is working on new measures to cut food waste in the EU by 50%. Check out our infographic to find out which sectors and countries waste the most food and read what is being done at EU level and what you can do yourself. Food is lost and wasted along the whole supply chain from farms to processing and manufacturing to shops, restaurants and at home. However most of the food in the EU is wasted by households with 53% and processing with 19%. Consumers are often unaware of the issue or its causes. According to a Eurobarometer survey,  date markings on food products is poorly understood, even though nearly six out 10 Europeans say they always check “best before” and “use by” labels.”

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