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Five recent studies on fact checking

Alexios Mantzarlis – Poynter: “The fake news phenomenon led to an explosion in media coverage of fact-checking in the final months of 2016. Now academia, with its slower publication process, is catching up. Since November, studies have failed to replicate the backfire effect and tested the power of corrections on partisan voters in both the United States and France. In the past few weeks, several studies with interesting findings for fact-checkers were published. [The author] summarize five that caught [his] eye…”

See also The Atlantic – “Facebook’s fact-checking efforts are on the rocks. Five months after the social-media giant debuted a third-party tool to stop the spread of dubious news stories on its platform, some of its fact-checker partners have begun expressing frustration that the company won’t share data on whether or not the program has been effective.”

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