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Financial Aid for Students: Online Resources – Financial Aid for Students: Online Resources, June 12, 2018 R43108 – “Congressional offices are frequently contacted by constituents who are researching how to pay for postsecondary education. This report identifies various online sources targeted to students and parents that provide information on planning and acquiring funds for postsecondary education. Some resources also contain information on repaying, forgiving, or discharging educational debt. Students are often in the best position to determine which aid programs they may qualify for and which best meet their needs. Many of the websites listed in this report enable a student to conduct and save scholarship, grant, and loan searches. This list includes both general sources and those targeted toward specific types of aid and circumstances (e.g., non-need-based scholarships; women and minority students; students studying abroad; or veterans, military personnel, and their dependents). This report is not a comprehensive catalog of resources related to financial aid for students. The selection of a resource for inclusion in this report is based on several criteria, including long-standing history in publishing print guides on financial aid and other college information guides (e.g., College Board, Peterson’s, Princeton Review, Reference Service Press), key features or capabilities of the website, or focus on specific topics (e.g., educational disciplines or student characteristics). The resources in this report are provided as examples and the inclusion of resources in this report does not imply endorsement by CRS. Similar guides are available in a variety of formats through libraries, high school guidance offices, college financial aid offices, and on the web.”

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