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February International Trade Data

“Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released February 2017 international trade in goods data. The monthly trade gap narrowed the most with China, a decline of $8.3 billion (26.6 percent) followed by Canada, with a decline of $1.3 billion (38.1 percent). The monthly trade gap widened with Mexico by $1.8 billion (46.0 percent) followed by Ireland with a $0.4 billion increase (13.3 percent). On the monthly export side, the United Kingdom had the largest increase with a $0.6 billion (17.3 percent) rise in exports, driven by nonmonetary gold ($0.2 billion) and pharmaceutical preparation ($0.2 billion). The second largest increase was Hong Kong at $0.4 billion (9.6 percent). Mexico had the largest decrease with a $1.4 billion decline (7.1 percent), driven by other petroleum products (down $0.4 billion). Mexico was followed by Chile with a $0.4 billion decline (28.8 percent). On the monthly import side, Mexico saw the largest increase at $0.4 billion (1.8 percent), driven by passenger cars ($0.4 billion). The second largest increase was Ireland at $0.4 billion (10.3 percent). The largest decrease in imports was from China with an $8.6 billion decrease (20.8 percent), driven by cell phones and other household goods (down $2.4 billion). China was followed by South Korea with a decrease of $1.1 billion (18.2 percent).”

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