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Exploring the Role of Algorithms in Online Harmful Speech

Reflections from a recent workshop hosted by the Berkman Klein Center in collaboration with the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy at Harvard and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue By David Talbot and Jeff Fossett.

“The workshop, which brought together a diverse set of experts on the topic, grew out of prior work from each of the host institutions. The Berkman Klein Center has been actively studying harmful speech online for the past two years. A recent report summarizes some of this work and broadly describes research on the problem. The related problem of online false information, or “fake news”, prompted the Shorenstein Center to host an event in February and later chart a research agenda. And on the matter of confronting online terrorist recruitment and extremist content, ISD has led significant research and worked extensively with industry and government to develop possible interventions and policy approaches to respond to this rising set of challenges.”

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