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European map of Implicit Racial Bias

figshare – “This map shows how easily White Europeans in Europe associate black faces with negative ideas. Each country’s colour reflects the average Implicit Association Test (IAT) score for that country using data from Harvard’s Project Implicit. Overall we have scores for 288,076 White Europeans, collected between 2002 and 2015, with sample sizes for each country shown inset. The IAT is a measure of implicit racial attitudes. Because of the design of the test it is very difficult to deliberately control your score . Many people, including those who sincerely hold non-racist or even anti-racist beliefs, demonstrate positive implicit bias on the test. Scores on the test are not reliable, and so don’t allow predictions of individuals’ true implicit attitudes or behaviour. However, when many scores are collected together definite patterns emerge. The most striking of these is that the average score on the racial bias IAT is non-zero. Both in the US, where this measure was developed, across Europe (shown here for the first time), the test shows that people are slower to associate Blackness with positive words such as “Good” or “Nice” and faster to associate Blackness with negative concepts such as “Bad” or “Evil”…”

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