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Enigma Public – Helps Connect You To Free Public Data

The world’s broadest collection of public data. By India Kerle, Associate Product Manager, Enigma

“Data released by federal departments, state agencies and the like can reveal trends or anomalies that are in the public’s interest for data journalists to cover. From housing and pricing to hiring and the environment, public data can be critical to piecing together a story. Yet, as valuable as it is, public data can be equally as difficult to track down. While some cities and states have moved forward with open data portals, many critical datasets are still only accessible by way of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request — a practice in patience, often involving check writing and weeks of waiting for a CD to arrive via snail mail. As most journalists working on a time sensitive piece would agree, this process is, well, less than ideal. Enigma, an operational data management and intelligence company, believes that accessing this information shouldn’t be such a challenge. This summer, they launched Enigma Public, a community platform to help connect you to public data. Best of all? The tool is free to use for journalists and for all non-commercial purposes. Enigma Public, the world’s broadest collection of public data, contains datasets from tens of thousands of sources for you to search, browse, download, access via our API and integrate into data driven storytelling. We bring together topics ranging from building permits and corporate registrations to the oil production of a specific well in North Dakota and the contents of all container ships arriving in US ports…”

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