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Emerging Roles for Libraries in Bibliometric and Research Impact Analysis

Hanging Together – the OCLC Research Blog: Lessons Learned from the University of Waterloo – “Library support for bibliometrics and research impact (BRI) analysis is a growing area of library investment and service. Not just in the provision of services to researchers, but for the institutions themselves, which increasingly need to quantify research impact for a spectrum of internally and externally motivated purposes, such as strategic decision support, benchmarking, reputation analysis, support for funding requests, and to better understand research performance. Research libraries are adopting new roles to support bibliometrics and research impact analysis, and the University of Waterloo Library’s efforts have caught my attention for some time, and for two specific reasons:

  1. They are leaders in the area of Bibliometrics and Research Impact in North America
  2. They have exemplified exceptional cross-institutional collaboration—what I might call “social interoperability”–in developing services, staffing, and programs…”

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