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EFF Fighting NSL Gag Orders With Help From CREDO and Internet Archive

News release: “…EFF has been litigating the constitutionality of NSLs on behalf of unnamed clients in a total of three related court cases beginning in 2011. This week, telecom provider CREDO confirmed that it was the company involved in one of these long-running cases, and published the letters it received three years ago. CREDO, represented by EFF, challenged the gag orders associated with these NSLs in 2013, and in March of this year, a district court found that the FBI had failed to demonstrate the need for the gags. The court struck down the gags, but its order was put on hold while the government went to an appeals court to overturn that ruling. This month the government decided to drop that cross-appeal, so CREDO is finally free to talk about its courageous decision to fight for the right to go public and let the world, and importantly, its customers, know that the government was accessing customers’ private communications…”

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