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Digital project makes gifs out of beautiful images from Bodleian

And now for something completely different, old is new again!  Adam Koszary manages the Arts Council England ‘digital project thing’ between Reading Museum and the Museum of English Rural Life – From his article: “I spent just over a year at the Bodleian being sassy on social media and making GIFs out of centuries-old collections. The animation of the Bodleian’s collections lent them new life. Beautiful images painstakingly made by monks and illustrators hundreds of years ago leapt from their pages anew onto Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr feeds. At times I thought that altering these images verged on the sacrilegious, but their animation brought them more attention than they ever would have if they remained static. We used them to celebrate national days, to tell people it was hot in Oxford, to show the meaning of an illustration, to be stupid and to make people laugh…”

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