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DHS announces US critical infrastructure at risk from Russia

WSJ – DHS Forms New Cyber Hub to Protect Critical U.S. Infrastructure Secretary Nielsen Says ‘Our Intelligence Community Had it Right’ About Russian Interference – What What What ⸮⸮⸮ [see my previous posting about this punctuation mark]

As this article is behind a paywall – you may want to avail yourself via US-CERT of the video of the conference during which this about face was announced – What is the DHS National Cybersecurity Summit? “The DHS National Cybersecurity Summit will bring together a diverse group of stakeholders across government, industry, and academia to reinforce DHS’s collective defense mission and its commitment to working across a wide range of industries and sectors to protect national critical functions.  Through panels, keynote addresses, and breakout sessions, the Summit will aim to advance substantive discussions on important cybersecurity and infrastructure protection risk management issues…”

See also – New Homeland Security center to guard against cyberattacks – “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is creating a center aimed at protecting banks, electric companies and other critical infrastructure against cyberattacks—a threat that now exceeds the danger of a physical attack against the U.S. by a hostile foreign group, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Tuesday. The National Risk Management Center will work to quickly identify and address potential threats and improve safeguards across a range of industries, she said. It will prioritize risks to industries that most Americans rely on, like the power grid. It is designed to be a partnership with private companies and federal agencies, with Homeland Security as the lead agency. The department’s election security task force, created last year, will become part of the new center, officials said…”

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