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Debate flares up over canned pumpkin used for Thanksgiving pies

Folks – how this just became an issue is rather odd given all the important “news” we are trying to wrap our heads around every day – but just in case you missed this topic – to clarify – a pumpkin is a type of squash – we all know that. We also know that Halloween pumpkins are full of seeds (which are yummy when roasted), and that they are not the staple for Thanksgiving pies.

Via Snopes – “As much of 90 percent of pumpkin sold in the U.S. (and 85 percent worldwide) is a proprietary cultivar known as a Dickinson pumpkin, which are less photogenic than the type of pumpkins commonly used for display purposes.” And if you have a dog or more than one (always best, especially if they are rescues), they love “pumpkin” and it is very nutritious as a treat or part of their regular diet.”

So enjoy a homemade pumpkin/squash pie on Thanksgiving and the days thereafter. This pie holds up well for days – and it is good for you. Leftovers!

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