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‘Death by a Thousand Cuts’: Why Are Women Leaving Big Law? – A survey of more than 1,200 senior attorneys found that women leave Big Law because of law firm operational policies and implicit bias. “Many experienced women attorneys in Big Law love what they do, but often they leave firms because they’re dissatisfied with how their firm operates and treats them, according to a report by ALM Media and the American Bar Association…”

Per May Whisner the report is for sale by the ABA – Walking out the Door: the Facts, Figures, and Future of Experienced Women Lawyers in Private Practice By Roberta D Liebenberg and Stephanie A Scharf.  “A report from the American Bar Association and ALM Intelligence, “Walking Out the Door” addresses why senior women are far more likely than men to leave the practice of law. Women surveyed were far more likely than men to report factors that blocked their “access to success,” including lacking access to business development opportunities, being perceived as less committed to career and being denied promotion.”

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