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“It’s important to celebrate milestones, and has hit a big one — 500 rated programs. That’s 500 opportunities for the criminal and juvenile justice and victim service practitioners and policymakers we serve to learn about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s promising. While I am relatively new to the National Institute of Justice, I have spent a good part of my career championing evidence-based policy and the need for rigorous, replicated, program evaluations. All our resources are limited, and we need to ensure the programs we fund are effective in addressing the many issues faced by criminal justice agencies. helps justice professionals, who may or may not be social scientists, improve their effectiveness. The systematic, independent review process and evidence ratings are intended to help practitioners and policymakers understand the implications of social science evidence that can otherwise be difficult to understand or apply, and serve as a basis for gauging the quality of evidence. In short, strives to help practitioners answer the question: Does it work?”

  • “ content is organized a variety of ways, including by topic. The topic pages capture summary information as well as programs and practices that have been reviewed by Additionally, links to topical publications, Q&A, and related resources are also captured on the topical pages.”

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