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Confidence in research: researchers in the spotlight

Elsevier: “The pandemic showed just how important quality research is for addressing global challenges and finding solutions that benefit people everywhere. It accelerated the practice of science and breakthrough, with data shared openly and fast as researchers collaborated across borders, sectors and disciplines. Whether a scientist, healthcare professional, policymaker, regulator or publisher, we were all united around one goal — to save lives. Science became the topic everyone was interested in and wanted to read about and comment on. On one hand, these shifts present an opportunity for the research community. Researchers can more easily engage and share their expertise with a wider group of people — helping to increase understanding, create collaboration opportunities, and stimulate progress. On the other hand, these accelerated trends bring challenges. Research is being created in greater quantity, faster than ever before, making identifying information more difficult for researchers and the public alike….

A key part of this has been Economist Impact’s study Confidence in research: researchers in the spotlight, supported by Elsevier, which surveyed more than 3,000 researchers globally, across different career stages and academic disciplines, to understand their experiences, their own confidence in the research process, and what skills, support or incentive structures they need in this increasingly complex and public-facing environment…”

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