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Competition Law

Comparative Competition Law (CCL) Project (Anu Bradford (Columbia University Law School), Adam Chilton (University of Chicago Law School)) via Lyonette Louis-Jacques“[T]here is scant empirical evidence on what leads to the adoption of competition laws and what effects these laws have on market outcomes. Our research seeks to provide a new empirical foundation for these questions by developing novel datasets on competition laws and enforcement across time and jurisdictions. Our cross-national timeseries data consists of two primary datasets. First, the Comparative Competition Law Dataset, which codes competition laws around the world from 1889 to 2010. Second, the Comparative Competition Enforcement Dataset, which provides data on competition agencies’ resources and activities in 100 jurisdictions from 1990 to 2010. In addition, we have also created a Competition Law Index (the “CLI”) that measures the stringency of competition regulation from 1889 to 2010 to facilitate an easy use of the complex data. We have also released the results of a Competition Law Expert Survey, which provides information on the role of judiciary, private enforcement, and de facto independence of competition agencies across countries.”

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