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CBP Starts Process to Include U.S. Citizens in Facial Recognition Program

NextGov: “U.S. citizens wary of facial biometric technology can opt-out of Customs and Border Protection’s face-scanning programs, though that would change under a proposed rule. CBP has been pushing the use of facial recognition technologies at land, sea and air ports as a means of meeting a longstanding congressional mandate to use biometrics in the entry/exit process. That includes in-motion imaging of everyone coming into the country at airports and other select ports of entry as well as during the boarding process for international flights. Outbound travelers were first introduced to the facial recognition at Dulles International Airport in September 2018, though the program has expanded to more than 20 ports of entry across the country. At airports, as passengers move to board the plane, a tablet computer set up near the gate captures an image of the traveler’s face and matches it to the plane’s manifest, which includes photos taken from the traveler’s documents, such as a passport. But U.S. citizens and green card holders currently have the option to decline this biometric scan and opt for traditional boarding procedures instead. That would change under a proposed rule filed with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs…”

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