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Pew Report – Automation in Everyday Life

Americans express more worry than enthusiasm about coming developments in automation – from driverless vehicles to a world in which machines perform many jobs currently done by humans “Advances in robotics and artificial intelligence have the potential to automate a wide range of human activities and to dramatically reshape the way that Americans live and… Continue Reading

Northeastern University – What’s New – Fake News and the Next Generation

“It’s been a decade since the rise of Facebook and Twitter began to replace our shared news consciousness with personalized social media. Today’s college freshmen were just eight when the iPhone was released, destined to become a constant companion with these new sources of information. What is next generation’s view of the news like? How… Continue Reading

Google – First, Flexible Sampling will replace First Click Free for Articles

Google Blog: “Journalism provides accurate and timely information when it matters most, shaping our understanding of important issues and pushing us to learn more in search of the truth. People come to Google looking for high-quality content, and our job is to help them find it. However, sometimes that content is behind a paywall. While… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – 25 for 25: A Librarian’s Free Law Awakening

Via LLRX – 25 for 25: A Librarian’s Free Law Awakening – For law librarians, the past 25 years have engaged us in a journey from fee based access to the law via books, followed by dedicated terminals and CDs, to online portal services, to the current state of far more open, accessible and free… Continue Reading

Elsevier launches free science definitions service

Times Higher Education – “Publishing giant Elsevier is launching a new service that provides encyclopedia-style entries on key scientific topics. Previously, researchers reading journal articles on the Dutch company’s ScienceDirect platform would have had to leave the site if they wished to find basic information about a term or concept – with many likely to… Continue Reading

Paper – Information access and information literacy under siege

Information access and information literacy under siege: The potentially devastating effects of the proposed 2017. White House budget on already-marginalized populations in the United States. Courtney Lawrence Douglass, Ursula Gorham, Renee F. Hill, Kelly M. Hoffman, Paul T. Jaeger, Gagan Jindal, Beth St. Jean. First Monday, Volume 22, Number 10 – 2 October 2017. “This… Continue Reading

Google – Updating our Transparency Report and electronic privacy laws

“Today, we are releasing the latest version of our Transparency Report concerning government requests for user data. This includes government requests for user data in criminal cases, as well as national security matters under U.S. law. Google fought for the right to publish this information in court and before Congress, and we continue to believe… Continue Reading

4 Part Series – It’s the end of the university as we know it

Quartz [Part 4 in the series of articles – digital transformation and the impact on higher education]: “Over the last several decades, the university library has become less vital, its books getting dusty with disuse, its edge-worn card system replaced by digital catalogs and powerful scanning machines that could put entire tomes online in minutes.… Continue Reading

Webrecorder – Create high-fidelity, interactive web archives of any web site you browse

“Webrecorder is both a tool to create high-fidelity, interactive web archives of any web site you browse and a platform to make those recordings accessible.” Continue Reading

Twitter in the news – terms of service – tweet length increases to 280 characters – role in Russian election interference

Columbia Journalism Review – “This week, following an incendiary tweet by President Trump toward North Korea, Twitter is making an update to its terms of service. The social media company will now consider newsworthiness alongside its other criteria in determining whether to allow speech on its platform…By deciding what is newsworthy, Twitter will effectively be… Continue Reading

Paper – Lawyers’ Abuse of Technology

Preston, Cheryl B., Lawyers’ Abuse of Technology (August 11, 2017). Cornell Law Review, Forthcoming; BYU Law Research Paper No. 17-25. Available at SSRN: “The Article is a thorough analysis of how the current scheme for regulating lawyers has failed to adapt to technology and why that failure is disastrous. It discusses (1) why technology,… Continue Reading

Have we finally bridged the digital divide? Smart phone and Internet use patterns by race and ethnicity

First Monday, Volume 22, Number 9 – 4 September 2017 – Have we finally bridged the digital divide? Smart phone and Internet use patterns by race and ethnicity, by Robert W. Fairlie. “Two decades ago an influential article documented the alarming disparities that existed in access to computers and the Internet between African-Americans and whites (Hoffman… Continue Reading