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Cardozo School of Law Trains Students as Advocates For Shifting Legal Landscape

“In response to unprecedented legal uncertainty in the first weeks of the Trump administration, Cardozo School of Law is offering new classes to prepare future lawyers for a shifting legal and political landscape…Cardozo School of Law is offering students a 10-week course called The First 100 Days: The Trump Administration and the Rule of Law. Going beyond basic media coverage of President Trump’s policy agenda, the class focuses on using legal skills to understand and evaluate the President’s proposals and policies—and responses to them. The class covers the legal limits on presidential authority and the dynamics of oppositional legal mobilization, both today and in other political and historical contexts. Topics will include the environment, regulatory structure, Supreme Court nominations, criminal justice, voting rights, international affairs, civil rights enforcement, public benefits and immigration…”

“Law schools around the country must continually reassess how we prepare students for the legal challenges they are likely to face,” said Dean Melanie Leslie. “Our faculty has stepped up to offer sensible initiatives based on the kinds of legal challenges we are seeing as constitutional and statutory challenges occur within immigration law, health care law, environmental law and elsewhere.”

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