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Bureau of Justice Statistics Arrest Data Analysis Tool

Bureau of Justice Statistics Arrest Data  Analysis Tool: “This dynamic data analysis tool allows you to generate tables and figures of arrest data from 1980 onward. You can view national arrest estimates, customized either by age and sex or by age group and race, for many offenses. This tool also enables you to view data on local arrests. Select National Estimates or Agency-Level Counts from the menu above. Use the Annual Tables to view tables of arrest data broken down by sex, race, age, or juvenile and adult age groups. Select Trend Tables by Sex or Trend Tables by Race to create customized tables of long-term trends. In National Estimates, you can also view figures of long-term trends by sex or by race and age-arrest curves for many offenses. The underlying data are from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. BJS has expanded on the FBI’s estimates to provide national arrest estimates detailed by offense, sex, age, and race. The Methodology tab describes estimation procedures and the limitations of the arrest data. The Terms & Definitions tab explains the meaning or use of terms, including the FBI’s offense definitions. You can download output to Excel format. This User’s Guide provides everything you need to get started.”

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