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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education

CRS report via FAS: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education, August 1, 2018: “Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Education Educational tools enabled by AI have recently attracted attention for their potential to improve education quality and enhance traditional teaching and learning methods. Although there is no single consensus definition, AI generally allows computers to perform tasks that are conventionally thought to require human intelligence. Congress may consider the benefits and risks of AI in classrooms, including the impact of AI on issues such as student data privacy, teacher preparation, and technology development and procurement. Current Applications of AI in Classrooms. Today, both startups and established companies seek to integrate AI into marketable products. In some cases, AI performs functions independently of teachers, while in others it augments teaching capabilities. Applications of AI-based education technology include the following:

  • Tutoring. AI programs commonly referred to as Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) or adaptive tutors engage students in dialogue, answer questions, and provide feedback.
  • Personalizing Learning. ITS and adaptive tutors tailor learning material, pace, sequence, and difficulty to each student’s needs. AI can also provide support for special needs students, for instance by teaching autistic children to identify facial expressions.T
  • Testing. Computer adaptive assessments adjust the difficulty of successive questions based on the accuracy of the student’s answers, enabling more precise identification of a student’s mastery level.
  • Automating Tasks. AI can perform routine tasks such as taking attendance, grading assignments, and generating test questions.
  • As well, at least one public school district has partnered with a university to provide a K-12 AI program aimed at teaching students AI concepts and technologies…”

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