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America’s 10 Most Threatened Rivers

Outside: “The days of regular “river fires” in America may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean the country’s waterways are clean. In its last nation-wide survey, the EPA found that more than half the US’s rivers are in “poor condition” and too polluted to adequately support marine life. “America’s streams and rivers,” the EPA Office of Water’s assistant administrator said at the time, “are under significant pressure.” But don’t expect too much help from the EPA in the near future. President Trump recently signed an executive order to roll back parts of the Clean Water Act that focused on smaller streams and tributaries. For the last 30 years, American Rivers, a nonprofit advocacy group out of Washington, D.C., has been calling attention the plight of the country’s rivers. Today, the group released its annual Most Endangered Rivers report, a catalogue of the ten rivers in America most threatened in 2017. From mammoth torrents that slake the thirst of millions to small tributaries, the report is a sobering look at the waterways we’re in danger of screwing up forever.”

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