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AltGov2 – Trump’s Ambassadors: Financial Disclosures

Trump’s Ambassadors: Financial Disclosures by Russ Kick · April 19, 2017

“Nominees for high-level positions have to file financial disclosures and ethics agreements with the Office of Government Ethics. For some reason, the OGE posts these revealing documents for only the highest-paid officials. Ambassadors don’t earn enough to get posted, so their disclosures have to be requested. On this page I’ll be posting the documents for all ambassadors and nominees as they become available.
Terry Branstad (China):  financial disclosure / ethics agreement
David Friedman (Israel): financial disclosure / ethics agreement
William F. Hagerty IV (Japan): ethics agreement
Todd Haskell (Republic of Congo): ethics agreement
Nikki Haley (United Nations): financial disclosure / ethics agreement
Tulinabo Mushingi (Senegal and Guinea-Bissau): ethics agreement (Sept 2016) / ethics agreement (March 2017)

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