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After long drought new wave of gun researchers focus on mass shootings

Washington Post – “After a two-decade recruiting drought, gun researchers say they are suddenly seeing a wave of young scientists entering their field — an unforeseen consequence of recent mass shootings. Unlike past generations, the new scientists appear undeterred by the field’s lack of funding, dearth of data and hostile political climate. The new contingent has brought energy and fresh approaches to a beleaguered, in­trac­table domain, longtime experts say. Their work coincides with a resurgence of gun control activism — led by the teenage Parkland student survivors who mounted this weekend’s March for Our Lives — as well as with increased interest from private foundations and state-level governments in funding such research. And on Wednesday, congressional leaders took baby steps toward lifting what has amounted to a ban on federally funded gun research by issuing clarifying language — but no new money — supporting such research. Together, the infusion of talent and momentum represents a tantalizing opportunity to finally answer questions that have long plagued the U.S. gun debate: questions about the causes of gun violence, its effects on society and — most crucial — the best ways to prevent this brand of violence…”

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