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Adobe announces demise of Flash in coordination with tech partners

Adobe Blog: “The Adobe Flash Player has played a pivotal role in advancing interactive and creative web content for over 20 years. At the core of our company’s mission statement of changing the world through digital experiences is the invention of formats where none previously existed- we did this with Flash and will continue to do so in the languages of the future. Today we announced, with the support of many of our technology partners including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, that Adobe plans to end-of-life the Flash Player by the end of 2020. The significant progress that has been made on the open web in terms of standards, capabilities, and maturity makes us feel confident that they will ultimately provide a viable alternative for Flash content in the browser moving forward. Adobe remains committed to maintaining our leadership position in the development and advancement of web standards. Our continued contribution to the HTML5 standard and WebAssembly Community Group will include a focus on the underlying technology that will be necessary to support large scale web conferencing from within the browser in the future…”

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