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Adblock Browser, Do Not Track and Acceptable Ads

“Adblock Plus has launched the Adblock Browser, and we’re excited to announce that DuckDuckGo is the default search engine in Adblock Browser on iOS and Android! We’ve been working with the EFF to promote a new “Do Not Track” (DNT) standard for web browsing. We hope this new DNT policy will better protect people from companies that try to secretly track them across the Web. We’re also signing on to the Acceptable Ads Manifesto, joining the likes of reddit, Stack Exchange and Adblock Plus in this effort to get “rid of obnoxious ads” by promoting non-intrusive ads. DuckDuckGo’s ads have always followed the guidelines mentioned in the Manifesto and are further in accordance with our strict privacy policy. All three of these initiatives are in effort to reduce tracking across the Internet, which will reduce the ads following you around and more questionable issues like charging different prices to different people based on profiling.”

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