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Access and analyze health data from US 500 largest cities

“From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in collaboration with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the CDC Foundation, comes the 500 Cities Project, an interactive map that allows researchers to quickly access and analyze health data from the 500 largest cities in the United States. Visitors can browse this information, which is drawn from census and city data, in a number of ways. Researchers interested in learning more about data by region can select an individual state on the map. From there, select from three categories (Health Outcomes; Prevention; Unhealthy Behaviors) to view a variety of specific data measurements for cities in that state. Measurements include rates of high blood pressure, smoking, and health insurance coverage, to name just a few. Alternatively, visitors may also chose to simultaneously view all data in the United States for a particular measurement (e.g. prevalence of arthritis). Data is color coded, allowing visitors to compare cities at first glance, or visitors may hover their cursor over any individual city to view available data. In addition to this map feature, researchers can also request a comparison report for two cities, download a PDF copy of 28 data maps, or download all available data.”

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