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A kinder gentler TV program (via youtube) for kids, parents, and pets too

“Die Sendung mit der Maus (German link) is the oldest kids’ show on German TV – it first aired in 1971. Its main charm was its unhurried, affirming and positive approach to children’s stories and children’s questions. Despite multiple makeovers, the basic format remains the same: each episode has animated shorts (Lachgeschichten) and documentaries about everyday things (Sachgeschichten). But most of all, we children loved the Maus Spots that separated the individual blocks from each other: charming, wordless adventures of a very big, orange mouse and a very small, purple elephant. The best thing is: It’s all available online and if your kids are like mine, they will love Mouse and Elephant, too.” Please take some time out to watch at least a couple of these episodes – there is no dialogue, and you will be rewarded with timeless, charming and restorative little vignettes that are a real gift to counterbalance at least a bit of the stunningly cruel rhetoric and conduct which bombards us daily. Regardless of what languages you speak, these shows will communicate to adults and children. Peace.

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