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3 surprising ways to cope with climate change

Mashable: “…In the U.S., one survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Association found that more than two-thirds of Americans are somewhat or extremely anxious about climate change. Last year, the Lancet polled 10,000 youth between the ages of 16 and 25 from around the world and found that more than half reported feeling sad, anxious, angry, powerless, helpless, and guilty. The trouble with eco-anxiety, a blanket term typically used to describe distress associated with climate change, is that there’s no easy fix. As Wray points out, anguish is a normal responses to the circumstances, and yet that despair can be so debilitating that someone experiencing it might need professional mental health help. If high-quality treatment is even available, it still doesn’t change the reality that the planet continues to tilt toward ecological chaos as politicians and corporations fail to meaningfully act. In her new book, Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis, Britt Wray attempts to chart a path forward for those who feel uneasy or even stuck when it comes to eco-anxiety. Wray’s approach is holistic, weaving together various strands of thought from psychology and public health to help readers cultivate the resilience and emotional intelligence they’ll need to fight for the planet — and to survive the calamities that might come…”

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