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24/7 Wall St – 15 Countries That Control the World’s Oil

“Qatar, a small nation on the Arabian peninsula, became a big news story today after five Arab nations suspended diplomatic relations with that country, claiming Qatar is abetting terrorism. The actions by the Arab nations — Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen and United Arab Emirates — might become a considerable problem for Qatar, which heavily depends on fuel exports for its economic output. Oil exports accounted for 43.8% of Qatar’s GDP in 2015. All the countries cutting ties with Qatar said they planned to terminate air and sea traffic to the oil-rich nation. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 15 countries with the most proved oil reserves from the “BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2016.” The Middle East contains 47.3% of the world’s oil. North and South America are home to 33.4%. Qatar, with a population of 2.25 million people, ranks 13th in the world in proven oil reserves.”

Click here to see the 15 countries that control the world’s oil.

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