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Daily Archives: May 30, 2018

2018 Artificial Intelligence in Finance The Road Ahead

  • “Artificial intelligence is reshaping how we work, interact and share information and content. AI technologies are increasingly being incorporated into many of our daily activities. AI opportunities in financial services are broad-based
    addressing needs in risk assessment, financial analysis, portfolio management, credit approval process, know your client (KYC) & anti-money laundering (AML) systems, various operational and customer interaction processes and system/data security.
  • AI can present a threat to incumbent financial firms as well as create opportunities. A competitive challenge is that technology firms (Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Tencent and others) could expand their reach into financial services by leveraging their global presence, technical expertise, innovative platforms, customer data sets and brand loyalty.
  • Momentum for AI will continue to build as data becomes more available, algorithms improve, developer skill sets broaden and computing power accelerates . However, concerns about AI include limited transparency about how systems work, bias in application logic, data quality and negative impact to employment.
  • Our report includes: AI use cases in finance; perspectives from market participants; survey results with business decision makers and informational videos.”

‘Legal Knowledge – That Which Can’t Be Measured’

Chang Zi Qian, Co-Founder, and team, at Singapore-based legal knowledge company, Intelllex.“…A law firm’s most valuable assets are its clients, lawyers and knowledge. Of these, knowledge is arguably the least well managed. This can be partially attributed to the perception that knowledge is intangible. Its intangibility obfuscates its management, which in turn impinges on firms’ ability to… Continue Reading

Investigating the Effects of Google’s Search Engine Result Page in Evaluating the Credibility of Online News Sources

Investigating the Effects of Google’s Search Engine Result Page in Evaluating the Credibility of Online News Sources, Emma Lurie and Eni Mustafaraj. WebSci’18, May 27-30, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands. “Recent research has suggested that young users are not particularly skilled in assessing the credibility of online content. A follow up study comparing students to fact checkers… Continue Reading

Internet Trends 2018 Mary Meeker

Mary Meeker’s 2018 internet trends report “Context: We use data to tell stories of business-related trends we focus on. We hope others take the ideas, build on them & make them better. At 3.6B, the number of Internet users has surpassed half the world’s population. When markets reach mainstream, new growth gets harder to find-evinced… Continue Reading

Law Firm Data is Catnip for Hackers

Security Boulevard: “Dig into a law firm, and you’ll find secrets. Sometimes these secrets are mundane, like who’s getting divorced, or who’s getting cut out of the will. Sometimes, however, these secrets can shake nations and economies.  Huge companies are merging and getting acquired, national leaders are hiding graft in numbered accounts, and you might… Continue Reading

Why ABC reacted so swiftly to Roseanne’s racist tweet

The Conversation – Anjana Susarla Associate Professor of Information Systems, Michigan State University: “ABC Entertainment, which produced the revamped version of “Roseanne,” is the latest company to learn the challenge of doing business in an age when citizen activism is amplified by social media. The network canceled the hit show after its star, Roseanne Barr,… Continue Reading

EU Member States agree on monitoring & filtering of internet uploads

EDRI: “On 25 May, the European Council agreed to a negotiating position on the draft copyright directive. This  will allow the presidency of the Council to start negotiations with the European Parliament on mass monitoring and filtering of internet uploads and a chaotic new “ancillary copyright” measure that will make it harder to link to… Continue Reading

INTERPOL information database inquiries jump 200 percent

Homeland Preparedness News: “Use of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) global databases has been on the rise in recent years amid growing threats of terrorist attacks in Europe, with inquiries to stolen and lost travel documents data increasing by more than 200 percent since 2014. Delegates recently met at the 48th INTERPOL European Regional… Continue Reading