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Daily Archives: January 31, 2017

NY Times Article on Banned Immigrant Groups Features Social Explorer Data and Analysis

“Donald Trump’s executive order severely restricts immigration from seven Muslim countries, suspends refugee admission for 120 days, and bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. The New York Times feature “Immigrants From Banned Nations: Educated, Mostly Citizens and Found in Every State” explores the demographics of American residents from these seven countries. Susan Weber and Andrew A. Beveridge of analyzed the American Community Survey for the article and maps. The data and maps illuminate socioeconomic trends about these groups, who collectively make up about two percent of the nation’s foreign born population. Learn more about their educational backgrounds, incomes, arrival waves, and settlement patterns.”

NYT – Supreme Court Pick Is Neil Gorsuch, an Echo of Scalia in Philosophy and Style

The New York Times – Solid Conservative; Not Seen as Divisive “President Trump summoned two front-runners to the capital and then revealed his choice of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch during a live television broadcast. Judge Gorsuch is a reliably conservative figure in the mold of Antonin Scalia, the former justice who died in February, but… Continue Reading

The Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Chief Executive

Grewal, Andy, The Foreign Emoluments Clause and the Chief Executive (January 19, 2017). U Iowa Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2017-12. Available for download at SSRN: “The 2016 Presidential election brought widespread attention to a part of the Constitution, the Foreign Emoluments Clause, that had previously enjoyed a peaceful spot in the dustbin of… Continue Reading

Statement of Linda A. Klein, ABA president, Re: Recent executive orders on immigration

Follow up to previous posting – Trump Refugee and Visa Order Generates Dissents from Diplomats, DOJ, Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley – ABA, January 31, 2017: “Our nation has the right to protect its borders to keep our citizens safe. At the same time, protecting the rights of the most vulnerable is an important tenet of… Continue Reading

ALA Midwinter 2017: Librarians Ponder the Future Under Trump

Via Publisher’s Week – “In his opening keynote at the 2017 ALA Midwinter Meeting in Atlanta, just hours after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, W. Kamau Bell made a plea to librarians: don’t let Trump’s vision of America become the new normal. “Everything that’s happening right now… Continue Reading

White House dismisses veteran DOJ acting AG stating she betrayed her agency

Follow up to previous posting and numerous related articles – Trump Refugee and Visa Order Generates Dissents from Diplomats, DOJ, Goldman Sachs, Silicon Valley Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was a 27 year veteran of the DOJ. Via The Atlantic: “President Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates only hours after she instructed Justice… Continue Reading

Legal industry embracing trend to employ technology assisted document review

Via Quartz – “Academically trained attorneys are increasingly being replaced by technology to analyze evidence and assess it for relevance in investigations, lawsuits, compliance efforts, and more. Forty percent of more than 100 in-house attorneys in major American corporations told the industry publication Corporate Counsel, in a survey published on Jan. 23, that they rely… Continue Reading