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20 Questions for Disability-Inclusive Employers

Disability Visibility Project, Aubrey Lee: “…Most companies are not founded by people who are disabled (let alone who consider themselves Disabled and proud). Therefore, anyone like me who enters these worlds as an employee enters them as an outsider. This is simply the truth. But what doesn’t have to be true is the notion that disabled people must fight for access. The people making decisions about a company’s products, policies, and practices can decide to actually include disabled people, or they can decide to ignore us….For Disability Employment Awareness Month, I invite every employer, especially large corporations, to be transparent with their employees about their answers to these questions…”

See also The Crips Corp – a collective disability justice blog: “Whether you’re Disabled or not, you have a place in the movement for Disability rights and justice. Let’s get learning:

For Disabled people:
For allies:

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